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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

  I'm Bored! I did almost nothing today.

White Chocolate Vs. Cotton Candy update: I had White chocolate today but no Cotton Candy. I'm a little disappointed but I think it's for the best. No Cotton Candy = No problem hahaha.

Chatting with Black Licorice and she wants some of my Cotton Candy... uhm hell NO! Well, I'm the reason why she wants Cotton Candy. I had her try Cotton Candy BUT she said that she didn't like it at all and it's making me upset that she keeps on bugging me for more of Cotton Candy. "Make up your mind Black Licorice!" hahaha:oP Ahhh, Celeste saw this coming but did she try to stop it ... NO! It's all your fault Celeste!:oP

Celeste, Keep working on my blogger site ... That's right! Hahaha -> Just kidding!



I did a lot today and I'm so tired! I'm in a good mood, though.

I told myself no Cotton Candy last night but damn it ... Cotton Candy was right infront of me. Yup, I tried going to bed early but I was wide awake and Cotton Candy was waiting for me hahaha.

I did have Cotton Candy again earlier today but I dunno ... I felt weird afterwards. I know too much sugar is just bad ... really bad. I don't know what to do. Cotton Candy is the cause and cure to my loneliness! *Sigh* I'm going nuts!

Anyways, I messed up my other blog account ... sorry, Celeste! I was just playing around with it and then ... UH-OH! But it's okay, it's not like people actually read my stuff hahaha.

Kat had a brain fart at 12:19 AM

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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

  My first post hehehe:o) Thanks to "Peley" now I can write about my boooring life.

*Sigh* I haven't been feeling right. I have a problem. The thing is, I've always liked sweet things (candies, chocolates, cakes...etc.). For the longest time my favourite has been White Chocolate. I liked other sweet things but it was always White Chocolate. But, lately I've been craving more of Cotton Candy. I'm not tired of White Chocolate, I still love White Chocolate, but Cotton Candy is different: Cotton Candy is pure sugar. I can't have White Chocolate and Cotton Candy at the same time, too much sugar is bad! Aahh, whatever! I'd probably want something else tomorrow. One thing's for sure, though ... Blue Skittles forever, LOL:o)

Well, I could go on and on about whatever but I should go to bed now!

BTW: Peley manages my blogger account, I only know how to post an entry on this thing! I'm sure Peley won't do anything silly:oP Hahaha

Kat had a brain fart at 2:18 AM

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Sunday, March 28, 2004

  i have teh power! mua haha!!! ^_^

~peley ^_~

Kat had a brain fart at 2:41 PM

name: Kat
nick: kat, kaka
birthday: April 10, 1983
location: in front of my computer
things i want: blue skittles

i like: stalking blue skittles

i don't like: boring ppl who only talk about themselves ^_~

i also like: setting cel up with guys against her will

i miss: nothing, no time to look to the past ^_^

i don't like: anything healthy

music i like: the strokes, cold play, maroon 5

movies i like: anything with hugh grant in it

video games i like: soul caliber

Peley's thoughts ^_^

first off, let me just say that her to pick a color i seriously didn't think she say pink! (though i really should have known beter) let me just state for the record that i HATE the color pink! so i conprimised and went with purple.

... oh, and as for me not doing anything silly. i always do "silly" things ^__^

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