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Monday, June 21, 2004

  Agghhh, just give me a chance! Stupid Poki, go back where you came from, ugh!
Kat had a brain fart at 8:59 PM

kitkat's thoughts

Sunday, June 20, 2004

  I've been so busy. There's so much going on. *sigh*

Kat had a brain fart at 9:21 PM

name: Kat
nick: kat, kaka
birthday: April 10, 1983
location: in front of my computer
things i want: blue skittles

i like: stalking blue skittles

i don't like: boring ppl who only talk about themselves ^_~

i also like: setting cel up with guys against her will

i miss: nothing, no time to look to the past ^_^

i don't like: anything healthy

music i like: the strokes, cold play, maroon 5

movies i like: anything with hugh grant in it

video games i like: soul caliber

Peley's thoughts ^_^

first off, let me just say that her to pick a color i seriously didn't think she say pink! (though i really should have known beter) let me just state for the record that i HATE the color pink! so i conprimised and went with purple.

... oh, and as for me not doing anything silly. i always do "silly" things ^__^

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